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2014 Class Schedule & Registration
Tool Tune-Up

Tool Tune-Up November 8

Why does your new hand plane chatter? Why does your card scraper produce only fine dust? Does your marking gauge skip and tear the grain? Has your best chisel been used as a screwdriver? Whether you are working with dad's old tools or buying new, most hand tools need some fine adjustments to perform properly. Get your handtools ready for serious woodworking! This one-day intensive workshop is recommended for all beginners. Level: Beginner. $155. Register by Wednesday before session begins.   Tool List

Basic Joinery Techniques: Handcut Dovetails

Basic Joinery Techniques: Handcut Dovetails September 13 & 14

This two-day intensive course covers the fundamental joint of drawer, box, and case construction: the dovetail joint. In this workshop, students will learn to layout and cut half-blind and through dovetails and pins using a variety of measuring, marking and cutting tools. Level: Anyone new to handtools and/or handcut joinery. Please specify session when registering. $275. Register by Wednesday before session begins.   Tool List

Introduction to Woodcarving

Introduction to Woodcarving September 27 & 28

In this two-day workshop, students will be introduced to the use and care of carving tools. Topics to be addressed include the numbering system, sweeps, wood density, grain direction and tool sharpening. Stab and relief cuts, stop fluting, beading and volutes will be demonstrated and practiced. Carving on moldings and how tRegister by Wednesday before session begins.o develop a pattern will also be discussed. Day two will be devoted to carving an acanthus leaf. Carving blanks provided Level: Beginner. Please specify session when registering. $275. Register by Wednesday before session begins. Tool List

Introduction to Veneering

Introduction to Veneering October 11 & 12

Veneer is often feared and maligned, yet unfairly so. Introduce yourself to some of the amazing possibilities of working with thin sheets of wood. In this two-day course, students will decorate a panel while learning how to flatten unruly veneers, bookmatch sequentially-sliced sheets, and tape a decorative veneer "face", and adhere it to a substrate using urea formaldehyde glue. In the process, we will discuss veneer figures, treatments, tapes, adhesives, substrates, clamping options, and strategies for doing curved work. Students will embellish their panels with stringing and/or banding. The sequence for making herringbone and rope bandings will also be demonstrated so that students can use these on a future project. Veneer and substrate provided. Level: Beginner. Please specify session when registering. $275. Register by Wednesday before session begins. Tool List

Make a Piecrust Tray

Make a Piecrust Tray August 23 & 24

The carved and raised rim of a piecrust tray is an eye-catching detail and is a perfect opportunity to show off some hand skills. The recessed center of the tray is shaped by removal of material via a router or lathe, but the piecrust edge itself is carved in a series of coves and ogees to create an undulating frame. We will create a tray about 12" in diameter. Carving blank included. Level: Intermediate. $275. Register by Wednesday, August 20. Tool List

Mastering Federal Oval Inlays

Mastering Federal Oval Inlays October 18 & 19

One of the more instantly recognizable features of American Federal furniture is its fanciful inlay. And no detail is as American as the eagle patera used to adorn drawer fronts, plinths, and aprons of case furniture, and the tops of tables. Let your skills take flight with our national bird as we explore some of the other motifs commonly found in paterae while practicing inlaid urns, eagles, and shells to give your work a distinctive edge. Students will practice the bevel, or conical, method of cutting overlapping pieces of veneer to make their own horizontal and vertical paterae. Along the way, we will discuss how to develop a pattern, how to sequence the cuts for best results, and how to shade with hot sand. We will use a fret saw and a shop-made bird's mouth bench. Level: Intermediate. Please specify session when registering. $295 (includes veneer and some materials). Register by Wednesday before session begins. Tool List

Build a One-drawer End Table

Build a One-drawer End Table November 15 & 16
This small table is a great project for gaining practical experience in cutting and fitting different types of woodworking joints. The table frame is assembled with mortice and tenon joints while the drawer is dovetailed. The table top and tapered legs provide an opportunity to practice surface preparation using hand tools only. Level: Intermediate. $330 (includes materials). Register by Wednesday before session begins. Tool List

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